Rest for a longer journey ahead

As the common saying goes, sleep is a significant health concern and it is just as important as nutrition and exercise. As we spend approximately one third of our lives resting, it is important to invest in bedding products that are right for us. Therefore, receiving personalized advice based on your sleeping habits, body weight and lifestyle, leading to the purchase of products right for your resting needs are the key pointers in purchasing the suitable mattress for yourself. These are key considerations which our founder, Mr Michael Lim aims to focus on, which lead to the birth of PostureCare Mattress Gallery.


PostureCare Mattress Gallery is a leading bed and bedding products retailer in Singapore, delivering professional advice for every of our customer since our founding in 2009. Carrying a variety of international brands like Dunlopillo, Lotus, MaxCoil, Orthorest, Slumberland, Tempur and Vono,  we have earned a reputation for service excellence. This can be attributed to our business motto, where hard selling and salesmanship have been replaced by customer education. Free consultation is provided to all customers, regardless of purchase, and at PostureCare, we will always recommend the right fit instead of the higher priced product.


Product & Service Orientation

Recognizing that mattresses are investments in quality of life, founder Mr Michael Lim emphasizes strongly on product knowledge for all sales staff which allows our sales team to better serve our customer. Through our philosophy of customer education, positive response and trust have been garnered, leading to sales referrals from word of mouth recommendations. Learn more about mattress history, material used in manufacturing and how it relates to your sleeping habits as you pay a visit to PostureCare.


Understanding that weekend visits for families deciding on a mattress change were always filled with young ones complaining, the introduction of a Customer Service Lounge in November 2010 serves to keep young and old engaged with cartoons, computer as well as hot beverages so that our customers can shop and try out mattresses with peace of mind.

Expansion & Future Direction

The year of 2012 and 2013 marks the start of our company's expansion primarily aimed at having our outlets located in the main regions of Singapore, catering to customers within the different regions. Our mission of guiding customers the right mattress based on product expertise as well as service excellence will still be the core of our business philosophy and we promise that we will strive harder and work towards providing better service as well as better value to all our customers.