22 Aug

Slumberland TempSmartâ„¢ 3.0 Mattress Arrives!

Slumberland TempSmart™ 3.0 series mattress with 'Spring on Spring' is now available at PostureCare Mattress Gallery!
The newest TempSmart™ 3.0 series mattress features a hybrid 'Spring on Spring' technology which combines Luxury Precision Springs with the advance Pocketed Posture Springing System. This hybrid system is designed to deliver sleeping comfort and provides full body and spinal support by dimishing pressure points. The TempSmart™ 3.0 also comes with pure lambswool which acts as an ambient stabilizer in cold and hot weathers which absorbs humidity and regulates air moisture naturally.
Features & Benefits of Luxury Precision Springs:
    Sepcially designed to be sag-resistant
    High resilience weight absorber spring
    Adjusts instantly to sleep movements
    Intelligent body support and comfort
    Up to 28% cooler in temperature compared to foam bed
Come down now to 246 MacPherson Road,#01-02 BeTime Building to try out the newest Slumberland TempSmart™ 3.0 Mattresses!