Mattress | FORREST Eco Organic Cotton  

Rest in pure, honest comfort with the NEW MaxCoil FORREST Eco Organic Cotton mattress collection. Hypoallergenic, pesticide free and gentle on skin, the organic fluffy cotton fibres assure a natural sleep sanctuary. Perfectly paired with eco-friendly natural, wood bed frames.

Here’s to having the purest, healthiest sleep for you and your loved ones with MaxCoil FORREST Eco Organic Cotton mattress collection.



Organic cotton
Eco-friendly and completely natural mattress fabric which is free of chemicals..
An innovative way to re-purpose quality grade materials to create the perfect environmental friendly bedding collection.
Premium Material
Natural Belgium Eco-latex conforms snugly and aids in heat dissipation for utmost relaxation and healthy sleep.
Social Responsibility
From the headboards to where you rest your toes, materials and processes that are carefully considered and sustainable.




FORREST Eco Organic
Cotton I - Plush Top
Delivers medium firmness to provide optimal back support
FORREST Eco Organic
Cotton II - Euro Top
Delivers cushioning support for soft, snug comfort
FORREST Eco Organic
Cotton III - Pillow Top
Delivers depth and softness to envelop the body for ultimate comfort