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A good night’s sleep plays an essential role in maintaining individual good health and well-being. The quality of your sleep greatly affects your daily work performance. That is why the Orthorest mattresses have been designed to ensure you feel rested and energised for the day after. The Orthorest mattress range is produced with the most advanced technological innovations to give you the best support and comfort to support your active lifestyle.

Orthorest is produced and marketed by Dunlopillo Holdings Sdn Bhd. Besides Orthorest, it is also the owner of one of the oldest and most well-known bedding brands in the world – Dunlopillo. All Orthorest mattresses come with Dunlopillo Quality Assured seal to assure you that all Orthorest mattresses have been made to meet Dunlopillo's strict standards for quality and durability.

Orthorest’s Perfect Zoned Spring System has been designed to give the right amount of support to the body, where it is most required. With its highly advanced weight distribution system, it provides the ideal support the back needs while sleeping. The human body can be divided into several sections according to its weight distribution, whereby the different sections should be supported with different level of firmness. If a mattress provides too firm of a support for the hip area, the pressure on the shoulders can result in a disruption of blood flow which will cause discomfort and disturbed sleep. On the reverse, if a mattress provides comfortable support for shoulders, this support will be inadequate for the hips; causing a hammock-like curve in the spine resulting in aches and undesired back problems. Therefore, with the Orthorest’s Perfect Zoned Spring System, one is able to have perfect support for each specific sections of your body.
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